Zingy hook lines, tangy riffs and vocal harmonies sweeter than honey!
Giant and the Georges are dynamic performers, blending shimmering indie-rock with frantic lyricism. 

Four piece alternative indie-rock band based in the Black Country, West Midlands (UK).

Giant and the Georges is formed of two brothers (the Georges) and a relatively tall man (the Giant). Originally an acoustic trio, the band met their fourth member and thus, discovered electricity!

By combining their eclectic range of influences, Giant and the Georges have created an electrifying fusion that is guaranteed to captivate any audience (terms and conditions apply).


Black Country Music Awards 2019

"BEST INDIE BAND" (Black Country Music Awards, 2019)
"If you're a fan of rock and you don't like the way they sound, there's something wrong with you!" - Andrew Marston (BBC Music Introducing)
“Blimey, can they play! Voices have always been my root through music, and I was knocked out by their harmonies. I love their energy and creativity -this is a band with real talent, and such great lads! Big steps on the way for Giant and the Georges.” - Billy Spakemon (Black Country Radio)

 “It's rare to see a band this young make music with the soul, passion and song writing prowess of say

The Animals, Nirvana, or The feels like you've successfully walked into the mind-set of a band with thirty years of touring history; filled with well-executed hooks, catchy riffs and enough dynamics to topple any loudness war. There's even some touching and delicate, dare I say, Black Francis-esque spoken moments, but this is a completely new spin on it. A bite sized version of every cool art-indie band there is, with something of themselves included. This will be a huge band!” - Nick J Townsend (Ryan's Gig Guide)

"How powerful, melodic... with that riff is kind of hypnotic! [Just Another Day] is really balanced and of great impact!" - Barbara Volpi (Hard Rock Italia)
"These guys specialise in crafting music that pops, rocks and at times, hits hard on the lyrical front"
(A Look Into Music)
“The narrative coupled with a strong sounding bass line make this record [Blind Love] very atmospheric. The sweet, smooth sounding vocals of the lead singer are very distinctive to any Giant and the Georges fan - uncomplicated harmonies and a raspy whole voice. This plus the electric sounds are hugely complimenting to the track, giving it a catchy, almost eerie feel.” - Ellie-Mae Fenn (Indie Midlands)
"Their annoyingly catchy tune 'Dopamine' had us hooked at first listen, and their followup single 'Just Another Day' is a powerful, poignant song that reminds us how fragile the world is." - It's Indie
"With lead vocals alternated between tall bassist Luke (the Giant) and guitarists Ben and Sam (the Georges), their summery indie brings to mind the bright harmonies of Teenage Fanclub on ‘World Of Opportunity’, or occasionally rock ‘n’ roll-inspired indie bands like Milburn. ‘Blind Love’ even comes with a reggae flavour that demonstrates the versatility of the band’s songwriting as well as their musicianship." - Indie Midlands
“Giant and the Georges are one of the most exciting bands to hit the local scene this year. Their compositions are diverse and original, and their live performance is dynamic, exciting and technical. There is a real togetherness about the band and their showmanship is off the charts. Expect big things from their upcoming single.” - Kyle Parsons (promoter)